Fire engine embroidery hoop art

fire engine

Hi there! Happy Monday 🙂

So I’ve been seeing these adorable wall decors using embroidery hoops and I have wanted to make one for my boys for some time. As the copy cat that I am 😉 I searched through Pinterest (my always go-to site) in search of ideas but found nothing that grabbed my attention so I took matters into my own hands 🙂

My oldest son (who will be 3 on Saturday!) loves anything that moves- cars, airplanes, trains, helicopters, motorcycles (you get the picture 😉 but he especially loves fire engines! He went through a phase that all he wanted to watch was Fireman Sam…over and over and over again… I actually had to ‘cut the cord’ before he would turn into Norman Price! (For those unfamiliar with the show, Norman is a bit of a menace ;).

I knew I wanted to make something with a fire engine and that’s when I thought of doing the following- I would use two embroidery hoops, one bigger than the other, and I would have a fire engine on one with its ladder extending to the second loop reaching up to a kitty stuck on a tree. Perfect, it would incorporate my son’s love for fire engines and Mommy’s love for kitties 🙂


I was initially planning to do some embroidery- maybe around the trees and to add some grass and flowers- but as I came to find out, the fabric I was using wasn’t good for embroidery (the needle would leave big holes) so I opted gluing fabric to create the scene without embroidery.

Materials needed:
Embroidery hoop 7in
Embroidery hoop 5in
Green cotton fabric
Blue cotton fabric
Fabric containing fire engine pattern
Green flannel fabric
Brown fabric
Cat button
Crafter’s glue

1. The first thing I did was stitch the blue and green fabrics together. These pieces would create the background for the bigger hoop.

I found these fabric quarters for 97cents a piece.
Prepping for stitching. The green fabric can’t be seen here but it’s underneath the blue fabric.
The two pieces have been stitched together.
I unfolded the fabric and ironed to flatten the where the two had been stitched together.
I stitched once again but this stitch would remain visible.


2. I then cut out the fire engine from the fabric I had purchased on Etsy.

f (2)
Fire engine fabric


I was positioning the fire engine to see how it would look.

3. I wrapped both embroidery hoops with strips of the fire engine fabric. I used crafter’s glue to keep the fabric in place.


4. I placed the background fabric in place on the bigger hoop. IMG_4295

5. I cut out a tree truck from brown fabric I had at home. This fabric had a pattern which was perfect for the tree trunk. I then cut a piece of green fleece for the top of the tree. Lastly, I loosen the embroidery hoop and passed the excess green fleece so that the fabric would stay in place.

Here I’m just placing the pieces, without gluing, to see how everything looks.

6. Before continuing, I cut the excess background fabric on the big hoop and did a running stitch through the fabric as can be seen in the picture below.

7. For the smaller loop, the background was only a piece of blue fabric. I cut some green fleece for the tree and cut some tree limbs from the brown fabric. Once again, I loosened the embroider hoop to pass the green fleece. I then repeated step 6 on the smaller hoop.
8. Once the trees were glued on both hoops, I then glued the fire engine to the bigger hoop and glued the ladder continuation to the smaller hoop. And to finish off, I sewed the kitty button to the tree limb on the smaller hoop.


I placed the hoops on the entrance wall in my son’s room at his eye level so he can see them when he walks in 🙂 And yes, there have been quite a few times I have to reposition the hoops since he decides to touch them 😉

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