Last minute Halloween pillow cover



Halloween is just around the corner but you still have time to make this quick and easy pillow cover.

Start by picking the fabric you want to use for the pillow cover. I made an envelope pillow cover which I find to be one of the easiest pillow cover to make. If you need a tutorial for the envelope pillow cover I found this step-by-step instructions provided by Momtastic –


I choose to use a checkered beige and tan fabric for my pillow cover.


Next, choose your image. Today I chose a scaredy cat. I searched online for the image and then used my cricut machine to create a stencil. If you do not have a cricut machine, or a similar device, no worries, you can also create the stencil by cutting out the image manually (I actually did this manually in previous years, prior to obtaining my cricut machine :).

Last step, paint the image onto the pillow cover using fabric paint. Let dry. Place your pillow inside the newly completed pillow cover and you are done!


Placing the stencil on the pillow cover.
Painting in progress.


The variations to this project are endless. Just by simply choosing different fabric patterns and different images you will obtain a completely new pillow.


Hope you have enjoyed this project! Share with us your Halloween pillow cover!  🙂


Best wishes,