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Window awning



My kitchen windows get A LOT of sunlight and I was in need of creating window treatments that wouldn’t close my backyard view (as would happen with curtains). That is when we decided on making these window awnings to soften the bright sun rays.

We made these wood awnings using the following materials:
– 1×1 wood
– 2×4 wood
– 4×1/4 wood
– Spar urethane spray
-hinges and metal decor

I haven’t provided measurements or quantities as it depends on the window’s length and height.

Below are pictures of our process:

The side piece is a 2×4 while the middle pieces are 1×1.
Used a 1X1 piece to evenly space the middle pieces apart.
IMG_4573 On the sides, middle and top we added 4×1/4 wood.


Torched the wood for dark color effect.


We sprayed the wood awnings with Spar Urethane (a protective clear finish for exterior or interior wood exposed to sunlight, water, or temperature changes).

We added three hinges to the top of the awning. And added metal frames under the awnings (which were originally flower hangers :).IMG_4567


We loved the end result and are looking into incorporating it in more windows (we have quite a few!) 🙂


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Revive outdoor seating

Hi everyone!

Happy Sunday!

A while back we built a sitting corner on our deck using reclaimed wood. I wanted to add some much needed cushions and pillows by utilizing chaise lounge cushions that I had that were no longer being used.

I wanted to give these blah cushions some new life!img_4340.jpg

First, I had my boys help stain the reclaimed wood. Here we see them hard at work 🙂

The stain gave the reclaimed wood a nice gloss and clean finish.IMG_4335

Seeing that I didn’t have enough chaise lounge cushions for both the bottom and back of the sitting area, I decided to purchase cushions for the bottom and utilize the lounge cushions for the back. Since the bottom cushions were solid colors, I bought a floral pattern to reupholster the lounge cushions for the backs. To complete the project, I wanted to add some pillows. I already had several outdoor pillows but they all had different patterns and in order to obtain a more cohesive look, I reupholstered the pillows with the same fabric.

The end result brought life into my otherwise bland sitting area 😉


But just when I thought I was done, I realized I could reupholster the back cushions of my outdoor swing to tie everything together.


We spend a lot of time in our backyard and now we have the added comfort of these freshened up sitting areas 🙂 Hope you are enjoying your outdoor living area too!

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Hello June!

Hi there!

I can hardly believe it’s already June! June means summer is literally just around the corner! And with summer creeping up on us, I wanted to do some changes around the house.

I find that any time of the year is a great time to renovate home décor but even more so when seasons change. But remodeling does not need to equate to spending loads of money. There are simple changes that can be made on a budget that can give a room a refreshing new look.

So with that in mind, I recently made two changes at home- one in the kitchen and one in the master bathroom. Although they were minimal alterations, I felt that they were sufficient to bring new looks to the rooms.

The weather is getting warmer and I wanted to add some warmth into the kitchen so I decided to change the curtains. I went to Joann’s and purchased a peach and turquoise fabric. I made the curtains myself which made this project quite inexpensive. Don’t let that intimidate you though; you don’t need mad skills with the sewing machine to make curtains (well, not this style at least ;). These curtains were made with simple straight stitches.


Before picture



After picture with warmer toned curtains.



The second change was made in the master bathroom.

Before picture

Lately I’ve been noticing a trend in bathrooms with beautifully patterned tile floors. Though I find these tiles to be striking, I didn’t want to go through the trouble of ripping out my existing tile floor! So instead, I opted to purchase a rug that would give the illusion of a new tile floor 😉 I purchased a rug online and was quite pleased with its quality, color and pattern.



After pictures with new rug.



And with that, my bathroom and kitchen have been recharged and are ready for the long summer days 😀

I hope these ideas inspire you to make a change or two too! Thanks for stopping by!

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Reclaimed Wood Wall

Hi everyone!
If you are like me, you enjoy remodeling your house and probably do quite frequently. And by remodeling I mean anything from merely rearranging the furniture to painting a fresh new color on the walls. I’m always working on something and by the time I’m finished on one side of the house, I usually start up again on the other side 🙂

Recently I worked on the wall that transition from the kitchen to the living room. I felt there was something missing and that’s when I decided to give the wall a makeover using reclaimed wood. (As you will see in future posts, I LOVE using reclaimed wood!)

I forgot to take a before picture so here is the best I could find 🙂

So what did we do? We nailed old fence planks horizontally on the wall. Yes, it’s quite a bit of nailing so using a nail gun was definitely helpful but the project can still be done with an old fashioned hammer and nails, just might take a little longer 😉

We then stained the planks with a whitewash stain. And that was it. The wall came out amazing and quite inexpensive since we used reclaimed fence planks. Reclaimed wood, such as pallets and fences, have become such a trend that you can now find them for sale at your local hardware store but look around, maybe a neighbor is redoing their fence and will gladly give you some planks, never hurts to ask 😀

Once the wall was completed, I debated if I would leave the wall as-is, maybe hang some wall décor or do something more. I thought of placing my hutch against it and once I saw it in place, I loved the contrast of the dark hutch color against the whitewashed wall. However, the hutch needed a little updating. To be honest, I didn’t like the mirror backing and the hardware anymore. But those were easy fixes. We placed plywood paneling (which we stained to match the hutch) covering the mirror backing and changed the hardware. Those two minor changes were all it needed to give it new life.


And the final touch on the transitional wall was adding some wall décor- decorative plates and a picture frame.


Finished project

I hope this project will inspire you to reimagine a bland wall and/or spruce up a piece of furniture that has lost a bit of its ‘luster’ over the years 😉


Thank you for stopping by!

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