DIY Baptism favors


Hi there!

Just recently our youngest son was baptized. We had a very small party attend the ceremony and therefore only needed a minute amount of favors. Usually when you think of party favors, you think of big quantities, especially since the supplies needed are usually sold in bulk 🙂 My sister had the idea of using small jars (which can be individually purchased) and fill them with lavender (bonus…my sister has lavender plants :))

We made labels using a cricut machine and glued a picture of my son on top of the labels. The picture had been printed on regular printer paper, not photo paper.

We also printed a thank you message on a separate label (we used transparent paper). With these thank you labels we did not use the cricut machine, we simple cut rectangles.


After filling the jars with the lavender, we wrapped both labels and a cross using string around the bottle’s neck. IMG_2418


Simple and sweet. And you don’t necessarily have to use these favors only for baptism, but for any occasion!

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Floral wreath

Floral wreath


And Happy September! Today I wanted to share with you this floral wreath project that I made for my double door entrance.

I enjoy changing my front door wreaths frequently and instead of having a huge collection of wreaths, I have opted to use my grapevine wreaths multiple times a year and simply switching out the accessories (for example, changing out the flowers, ribbon, etc).

Materials used:
-8″ Grapevine wreath
-Plastic flowers

Pretty simple, wouldn’t you agree? 😀

Below are the steps I took to complete this project via pictures:


I used 8″ grapevine wreaths.
The flowers were positioned upward and downward. I didn’t use anything to hold the flowers in place since they were easily secured with the grapevine twigs.
I then wrapped ribbon around the middle section between the two floral bouquets.


Lastly, I made a bow using wire-edged ribbon and attached it to the wreath.
Completed wreaths hanging from my front doors.


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Fire engine embroidery hoop art

fire engine

Hi there! Happy Monday 🙂

So I’ve been seeing these adorable wall decors using embroidery hoops and I have wanted to make one for my boys for some time. As the copy cat that I am 😉 I searched through Pinterest (my always go-to site) in search of ideas but found nothing that grabbed my attention so I took matters into my own hands 🙂

My oldest son (who will be 3 on Saturday!) loves anything that moves- cars, airplanes, trains, helicopters, motorcycles (you get the picture 😉 but he especially loves fire engines! He went through a phase that all he wanted to watch was Fireman Sam…over and over and over again… I actually had to ‘cut the cord’ before he would turn into Norman Price! (For those unfamiliar with the show, Norman is a bit of a menace ;).

I knew I wanted to make something with a fire engine and that’s when I thought of doing the following- I would use two embroidery hoops, one bigger than the other, and I would have a fire engine on one with its ladder extending to the second loop reaching up to a kitty stuck on a tree. Perfect, it would incorporate my son’s love for fire engines and Mommy’s love for kitties 🙂


I was initially planning to do some embroidery- maybe around the trees and to add some grass and flowers- but as I came to find out, the fabric I was using wasn’t good for embroidery (the needle would leave big holes) so I opted gluing fabric to create the scene without embroidery.

Materials needed:
Embroidery hoop 7in
Embroidery hoop 5in
Green cotton fabric
Blue cotton fabric
Fabric containing fire engine pattern
Green flannel fabric
Brown fabric
Cat button
Crafter’s glue

1. The first thing I did was stitch the blue and green fabrics together. These pieces would create the background for the bigger hoop.

I found these fabric quarters for 97cents a piece.
Prepping for stitching. The green fabric can’t be seen here but it’s underneath the blue fabric.
The two pieces have been stitched together.
I unfolded the fabric and ironed to flatten the where the two had been stitched together.
I stitched once again but this stitch would remain visible.


2. I then cut out the fire engine from the fabric I had purchased on Etsy.

f (2)
Fire engine fabric


I was positioning the fire engine to see how it would look.

3. I wrapped both embroidery hoops with strips of the fire engine fabric. I used crafter’s glue to keep the fabric in place.


4. I placed the background fabric in place on the bigger hoop. IMG_4295

5. I cut out a tree truck from brown fabric I had at home. This fabric had a pattern which was perfect for the tree trunk. I then cut a piece of green fleece for the top of the tree. Lastly, I loosen the embroidery hoop and passed the excess green fleece so that the fabric would stay in place.

Here I’m just placing the pieces, without gluing, to see how everything looks.

6. Before continuing, I cut the excess background fabric on the big hoop and did a running stitch through the fabric as can be seen in the picture below.

7. For the smaller loop, the background was only a piece of blue fabric. I cut some green fleece for the tree and cut some tree limbs from the brown fabric. Once again, I loosened the embroider hoop to pass the green fleece. I then repeated step 6 on the smaller hoop.
8. Once the trees were glued on both hoops, I then glued the fire engine to the bigger hoop and glued the ladder continuation to the smaller hoop. And to finish off, I sewed the kitty button to the tree limb on the smaller hoop.


I placed the hoops on the entrance wall in my son’s room at his eye level so he can see them when he walks in 🙂 And yes, there have been quite a few times I have to reposition the hoops since he decides to touch them 😉

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Retro Toaster Cover


Hi everyone!

I know…once you read the title you thought, what??? A toaster cover? Who uses those anymore? Are we in 1955? 😀 And I get it. I never thought I would have one (or make one) but here is what happened. I was searching for an embroidery pattern on Pinterest when I stumbled across a photo of a vintage toaster cover. I thought what a perfect way to showcase embroidery; to actually be able to see it and enjoy it everyday. You see, the very few kitchen towels I have embroider are never used…how can I use them after such hard work!? 😉

But before we move on, I have a confession to make, I’m by no means an embroiderer nor a sewist. For those who master these skills, you would cringe to see how I complete my projects! But I’m ok with that. I still enjoy doing them and I learn as I go 😉 Having said that, I won’t attempt to teach you how to sew or embroider here today but I will share with you the steps I took to make this toaster cover and show you that you too can make it, even if you don’t excel in sewing or embroidery.

So, for the embroidery pattern, I used a toaster pattern from Stitcher’s Revolution and followed its iron-on instructions:

Work in progress: IMG_4246

Completed embroidery:IMG_4257

I purchased a yard of retro looking fabric (at least I thought it had a retro vibe to it 😉 at Joann’s. The yard was a bit too much fabric but it was in case any mistakes happened(shopping with two little ones isn’t very easy so the fewer trips I need to make, the better! 😉IMG_4268

I measured the height, width and depth of the toaster. I cut 3 pieces of fabric – 2 identical pieces for the sides and one longer piece that would run from the back, over the top and to the front of the toaster.IMG_4251

I just realized I didn’t take many photos of the actually sewing portion of this project but it’s just the same, it probably wouldn’t have been much help since there were many pins holding everything in place 😀 I essentially pinned the pieces of fabric while on the toaster and then inverted the fabric and attempted to sew as best as I could.

On the border of the two identical sized fabrics I put some piping which gave it that extra touch to the piece.

On the side that I attached the embroidery pattern, instead of sewing the white fabric with the embroider directly on the busy flower pattern, I added a red fabric with small dots separating the two. I went wild with my sewing machine and tried a new stitch on the border of the embroider pattern 😀


Here I’m almost at the finish line… just need to hem the bottom and add a trim to it:IMG_4259

No longer do I see this on my counter: IMG_4266

Now I have a cute toast saying: ‘Butter me up!’ 😀


P.S. Don’t look too closely at the picture, you just might find some mistakes 😉 But you know what? I still love how it came out and it makes me smile when I glance at it in the kitchen.

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Fourth of July


It’s hard to believe that today is already July 1st! And that also means we are days away from the 4th of July therefore I quickly made some last minute decorations.

First, I made my front door wreaths. Materials used: grapevine wreath, red ribbon about 2 inches wide, blue and white paper, cardboard paper and string. I wrapped the grapevine wreaths with red ribbon. I then made a center piece for the wreath using – blue cones and a white star out of paper that went in the center of the wreath. (Instructions on how to make 3D paper star via Doodlebug Design Inc. –
It will be easier to use pictures as step-by-step instructions 🙂  –


Some of the materials used.


Step 1: Wrap wreath with red ribbon.



Step 2: Cut a circle out of cardboard paper that will fit in the center of wreath. Make a hole for string to pass through to later hang this center piece from the wreath.


Step 3: Make paper cones out of the blue paper and glue them on to the cardboard.


Step 4: Make a 3D star out of white paper. Glue the star to the middle of the blue cones. Pass a string through previously made hole on cardboard and tie to wreath so center piece is hanging in the center.





Finished product hanging on the front doors.




Secondly, I  decorated my mantel. img_40971.jpg


I made some 3D paper stars (as mentioned before, instructions on how to make 3D paper star via Doodlebug Design Inc. – and I hung some aged USA flags. In order to age the flags, I soaked them in tea until I obtained the desired brown tint to the flags. Picture tutorial:


Step 1: Utilized small fabric flags (removed from stick).
Step 2: Soaked flags in tea to obtained an aged color. Once desired color was obtained, allowed flags to dry.
Step 3: Hung flags on the mantel using string and mini clothes pins.

And now I’m ready for the 4th of July parade and BBQ 😀


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Fence Plank Sign


Happy Friday!

Today I wanted to share with you this quick and easy project to create a sign with your favorite quote.

For this project I used one plank of reclaimed fence. DSCF2248
Initially I wasn’t sure how the chalk writing would look on the plank since the surface wasn’t smooth but as you will see below, it came out just fine.

After painting the plank with chalk paint (I love how there is a variety of chalk paint colors, we no longer are restricted to using only black) and allowing it to dry, I wrote on the plank using a regular, old-school piece of chalk.

The final touch was nailing sawtooth picture frame hangers to the back side of the sign.
I hung my sign near our dining area in the kitchen.
My boys have always loved licking the spoon after I have whipped up dessert. I, too, enjoy it! ‘Happiness is lickin’ the spoon’, wouldn’t you agree? 😀
What is your favorite quote?

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Candle Jars Flower Pot

Hi everyone!

Ever wonder what to do with all those used candle jars? If you’re like me, you hold on to them because you know you will eventually use them 😊 Today’s post is one of the many ways you can repurpose those jars.


Used candle jars


Just a little background of why this project was done. I enjoy browsing through Pinterest and magazines, and visiting Home Goods for home décor ideas. Once I find an item or idea that I like, I try recreating it with items I already own (I don’t want to be constantly buying new things, it will only lead to cluttering my closets  😀  )

More recently I started noticing small plastic plants, such as succulents, being sold almost anywhere. I thought these would be a great way to add some greenery around the house.

I then remembered about my used candle jar stash that I had been saving for some time. I realized they would be the perfect size for plant pots. Some of the jars were ceramic and others were glass. The ceramic jars I merely cleaned out the old wax and used them as-is. For the glass ones, after cleaning the wax out, I sprayed painted them with gold paint. I chose to paint them in gold, not just because it’s a trendy color, but also because I thought the gold would really pop out in an elegant way. But of course, the colors and patterns you can choose from are endless. For example, you can paint them with black chalk paint so you can write on them. Another option is to add stripes or polka dots. So get creative and paint the jars with whatever makes you smile when you look at them 🙂

Glass jars that were sprayed painted gold.



Ceramic candle jar that was only cleaned but not painted.


So how did I remove the old wax from the jars? I placed the jars in the freezer overnight.  The next day, once I removed the jars from the freezer, the left over wax easily came off in whole pieces. I wiped clean the jars and sprayed painted the glass ones with gold spray. I let the paint completely dry. Once ready, I added just a few pebbles at the bottom and then dirt on top. Final step was adding the plant. (I used real plants but there is no reason you can’t use plastic ones if you prefer 🙂

Sometimes you just need a little something, like these small pots, to change up a room, desk, hallway, or any area in your home or office. We hope you enjoyed this project and that you will share with us your thoughts and comments about it.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers out there!


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Hi! Rosaly here. Just wanted to drop a note to say I was not aware of the freezer trick to remove old wax from jars! I have my own stash of used candle jars but I was neglecting to use them just because of dreading the work to remove the wax! When Bela (I call my sister Bela) told me about this, I was like, why hadn’t you told me already? 😀 I’ll be sure to try this project out myself too and most likely with plastic plants just to be on the safe side… (I’m not the one with the green thumb in this family!)