Hi there! We are Anabela and Rosaly. We are two sisters who have a passion for crafting, decorating, antiques, and so much more! We created this blog so that we can share our ideas and experiences with you. We would love your feedback, let us know what you think and suggestions on what you would like to see.

We hope you enjoy our blog and thank you for stopping by!

15 facts about us:

  1. Anabela lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, Jeff, and two boys Luke and Mick.
  2. Rosaly also lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, Paulo, and two boys Rafael and Mateus.
  3. Anabela was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
  4. Rosaly was born in Aveiro, Portugal.
  5. Anabela has 3 cats, Leah, Clarabel and Figo, 8 chickens, 1  cockatiel, and 1 turtle.
  6. Rosaly has 2 cats, Boots and Leo, 1 cockatiel, 1 bunny and 6 chickens.
  7. We love to watch Fixer Upper on HGTV, and spending way too much time on Pinterest!
  8. Anabela is a cardiac sonographer.
  9. Rosaly is presently a stay at home mom.
  10. We love to travel and make desserts.
  11. We are both 100% Portuguese, immigrated to the US in 1985.
  12. We are seven years apart (but we won’t say who’s the oldest 🙂
  13. Rosaly doesn’t like roller coaster rides (she’s petrified 🙂  )
  14. Anabela can’t stand the sight of blood but worked in a hospital for 12 years.
  15. We don’t like dark chocolate, but love white chocolate (yes we know it’s not real chocolate 😉