Creamer Pin Cushion

Pin cushionIf there is something I enjoy doing it’s thrift store shopping. It’s like a treasure hunt! You never know what you will find. I even have my preference in stores and it’s a good thing they aren’t too close to home 😉

On my last outing, I purchased this beat up silver soldered (cryptic way of saying silver-plated) creamer. I always search for these heavy silverware pieces to use for crafts but around these neck of the woods they aren’t very easy to find, or the price range isn’t to my liking 😉

When I purchase items like this one, I attempt to search its history online. For this particular item, what I was able to find out was the following:  This is a 2oz silver soldered creamer dated 1935 from the luxury hotel Mark Hopkins Hotel in San Francisco and was manufactured by Gorham Manufacturing Company (one of the largest American manufacturers of sterling and silverplate – Wikipedia).

But as always, I didn’t end my search there. I tend to get side tracked with peoples’ histories… For example, did you know that Mark Hopkins was one of four principal investors who formed the Central Pacific Railroad? His wife convinced him to build this massive mansion on Nob Hill, San Francisco. You’ll have to look at a picture, it was massive! – Mark Hopkins passed away at age 64 in 1878, leaving no will for an estimated fortune of $20-$40 million (if that’s a lot of money now, imagine in 1878!). His wife inherited the money and hired a fellow, 22 years her junior, to manage the completion of furnishing the estate. They end up marrying and she changes her will to exclude her adopted son with Mark (they had no other children) and to leave her fortune only to her second husband. Juicy stuff, right? After she passed away in 1891 (only 4 years after her second marriage), her second husband donates the mansion and grounds to the San Francisco Art Institute for use as school and museum.  The mansion survived the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake but was burnt down in the three-day fire that followed the quake. A mining engineer and hotel investor purchased the site and constructed a luxury hotel. But I digress…I just find this information fascinating! Who knew an old beat up creamer could have led me to such a story!

 So back to what I was initially doing 😀  I decided to make a pin cushion with the creamer.

Materials used: creamer, fabric, pillow stuffing, craft glue and rubber band.

I cut a square piece of fabric, stuffed it with…stuffing 😉 and tied it with a rubber band. IMG_2884

I tried making the cushion a bit stiff so that once the pins were placed on it, the pins would hold upright and not fall to the side. So be sure to check before moving forward. To hold the cushion in place, I glued it to the creamer with a transparent craft glue. For the final touch I cut a strip of lace and tied it to the handle and also made a label which reads: ‘Please enter your pin’ (get it? Pin as in phone pin or atm pin versus an actual pin? 😀 I read this somewhere and thought it was funny :P).

IMG_2894 (Edited)

And that was it! Hope you enjoyed this project and history info too 😀 Have a wonderful day!

Best wishes,

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