Retro Toaster Cover


Hi everyone!

I know…once you read the title you thought, what??? A toaster cover? Who uses those anymore? Are we in 1955? 😀 And I get it. I never thought I would have one (or make one) but here is what happened. I was searching for an embroidery pattern on Pinterest when I stumbled across a photo of a vintage toaster cover. I thought what a perfect way to showcase embroidery; to actually be able to see it and enjoy it everyday. You see, the very few kitchen towels I have embroider are never used…how can I use them after such hard work!? 😉

But before we move on, I have a confession to make, I’m by no means an embroiderer nor a sewist. For those who master these skills, you would cringe to see how I complete my projects! But I’m ok with that. I still enjoy doing them and I learn as I go 😉 Having said that, I won’t attempt to teach you how to sew or embroider here today but I will share with you the steps I took to make this toaster cover and show you that you too can make it, even if you don’t excel in sewing or embroidery.

So, for the embroidery pattern, I used a toaster pattern from Stitcher’s Revolution and followed its iron-on instructions:

Work in progress: IMG_4246

Completed embroidery:IMG_4257

I purchased a yard of retro looking fabric (at least I thought it had a retro vibe to it 😉 at Joann’s. The yard was a bit too much fabric but it was in case any mistakes happened(shopping with two little ones isn’t very easy so the fewer trips I need to make, the better! 😉IMG_4268

I measured the height, width and depth of the toaster. I cut 3 pieces of fabric – 2 identical pieces for the sides and one longer piece that would run from the back, over the top and to the front of the toaster.IMG_4251

I just realized I didn’t take many photos of the actually sewing portion of this project but it’s just the same, it probably wouldn’t have been much help since there were many pins holding everything in place 😀 I essentially pinned the pieces of fabric while on the toaster and then inverted the fabric and attempted to sew as best as I could.

On the border of the two identical sized fabrics I put some piping which gave it that extra touch to the piece.

On the side that I attached the embroidery pattern, instead of sewing the white fabric with the embroider directly on the busy flower pattern, I added a red fabric with small dots separating the two. I went wild with my sewing machine and tried a new stitch on the border of the embroider pattern 😀


Here I’m almost at the finish line… just need to hem the bottom and add a trim to it:IMG_4259

No longer do I see this on my counter: IMG_4266

Now I have a cute toast saying: ‘Butter me up!’ 😀


P.S. Don’t look too closely at the picture, you just might find some mistakes 😉 But you know what? I still love how it came out and it makes me smile when I glance at it in the kitchen.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Best wishes,


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