Fourth of July


It’s hard to believe that today is already July 1st! And that also means we are days away from the 4th of July therefore I quickly made some last minute decorations.

First, I made my front door wreaths. Materials used: grapevine wreath, red ribbon about 2 inches wide, blue and white paper, cardboard paper and string. I wrapped the grapevine wreaths with red ribbon. I then made a center piece for the wreath using – blue cones and a white star out of paper that went in the center of the wreath. (Instructions on how to make 3D paper star via Doodlebug Design Inc. –
It will be easier to use pictures as step-by-step instructions 🙂  –


Some of the materials used.


Step 1: Wrap wreath with red ribbon.



Step 2: Cut a circle out of cardboard paper that will fit in the center of wreath. Make a hole for string to pass through to later hang this center piece from the wreath.


Step 3: Make paper cones out of the blue paper and glue them on to the cardboard.


Step 4: Make a 3D star out of white paper. Glue the star to the middle of the blue cones. Pass a string through previously made hole on cardboard and tie to wreath so center piece is hanging in the center.





Finished product hanging on the front doors.




Secondly, I  decorated my mantel. img_40971.jpg


I made some 3D paper stars (as mentioned before, instructions on how to make 3D paper star via Doodlebug Design Inc. – and I hung some aged USA flags. In order to age the flags, I soaked them in tea until I obtained the desired brown tint to the flags. Picture tutorial:


Step 1: Utilized small fabric flags (removed from stick).
Step 2: Soaked flags in tea to obtained an aged color. Once desired color was obtained, allowed flags to dry.
Step 3: Hung flags on the mantel using string and mini clothes pins.

And now I’m ready for the 4th of July parade and BBQ 😀


Thanks for stopping by!

Best wishes,



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