Fence Plank Sign


Happy Friday!

Today I wanted to share with you this quick and easy project to create a sign with your favorite quote.

For this project I used one plank of reclaimed fence. DSCF2248
Initially I wasn’t sure how the chalk writing would look on the plank since the surface wasn’t smooth but as you will see below, it came out just fine.

After painting the plank with chalk paint (I love how there is a variety of chalk paint colors, we no longer are restricted to using only black) and allowing it to dry, I wrote on the plank using a regular, old-school piece of chalk.

The final touch was nailing sawtooth picture frame hangers to the back side of the sign.
I hung my sign near our dining area in the kitchen.
My boys have always loved licking the spoon after I have whipped up dessert. I, too, enjoy it! ‘Happiness is lickin’ the spoon’, wouldn’t you agree? 😀
What is your favorite quote?

Best wishes,

2 thoughts on “Fence Plank Sign

  1. I really like your effort in this blog, plus your delicious recipes. An idea for you is to write about how to make a cat play tower since you both have cats.

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