Candle Jars Flower Pot

Hi everyone!

Ever wonder what to do with all those used candle jars? If you’re like me, you hold on to them because you know you will eventually use them 😊 Today’s post is one of the many ways you can repurpose those jars.


Used candle jars


Just a little background of why this project was done. I enjoy browsing through Pinterest and magazines, and visiting Home Goods for home décor ideas. Once I find an item or idea that I like, I try recreating it with items I already own (I don’t want to be constantly buying new things, it will only lead to cluttering my closets  😀  )

More recently I started noticing small plastic plants, such as succulents, being sold almost anywhere. I thought these would be a great way to add some greenery around the house.

I then remembered about my used candle jar stash that I had been saving for some time. I realized they would be the perfect size for plant pots. Some of the jars were ceramic and others were glass. The ceramic jars I merely cleaned out the old wax and used them as-is. For the glass ones, after cleaning the wax out, I sprayed painted them with gold paint. I chose to paint them in gold, not just because it’s a trendy color, but also because I thought the gold would really pop out in an elegant way. But of course, the colors and patterns you can choose from are endless. For example, you can paint them with black chalk paint so you can write on them. Another option is to add stripes or polka dots. So get creative and paint the jars with whatever makes you smile when you look at them 🙂

Glass jars that were sprayed painted gold.



Ceramic candle jar that was only cleaned but not painted.


So how did I remove the old wax from the jars? I placed the jars in the freezer overnight.  The next day, once I removed the jars from the freezer, the left over wax easily came off in whole pieces. I wiped clean the jars and sprayed painted the glass ones with gold spray. I let the paint completely dry. Once ready, I added just a few pebbles at the bottom and then dirt on top. Final step was adding the plant. (I used real plants but there is no reason you can’t use plastic ones if you prefer 🙂

Sometimes you just need a little something, like these small pots, to change up a room, desk, hallway, or any area in your home or office. We hope you enjoyed this project and that you will share with us your thoughts and comments about it.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers out there!


Best wishes,

Hi! Rosaly here. Just wanted to drop a note to say I was not aware of the freezer trick to remove old wax from jars! I have my own stash of used candle jars but I was neglecting to use them just because of dreading the work to remove the wax! When Bela (I call my sister Bela) told me about this, I was like, why hadn’t you told me already? 😀 I’ll be sure to try this project out myself too and most likely with plastic plants just to be on the safe side… (I’m not the one with the green thumb in this family!)




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