Bird Feeders

Good morning!

Mother’s Day is just a few days away and we are thinking of different gifts that can be made for mom. What better way to say ‘I love you’ to your mom, the mother of your kids, the mother figure in your life, to whomever!, then with something you made!

We found wine bottle bird feeders and tea cup bird feeders on Pinterest and here was our take on those posts.IMG_3434

We used whichever material we had at hand. The wood was old fence wood and other scrap pieces we had. We used leftover roof shingles but if we didn’t have any, we would just have painted the roofs. Used wine bottles and tea cups found at thrift stores. The bird feeders were either: painted with one coat of white paint, sprayed painted with clear or stain sealer , or sprayed painted with a white chalk color. The idea is to use the materials you already have and not feel the need to purchase any item, for example, paint that you might only use one time.

Before picture of tea cup bird feeder.
Left side is a clear stain spray. Right side is wood stain with color.
Left side is white paint and right side is white chalk spray paint.

And for the final touch, since these will be given as gifts, a little goodie bag containing bird seed –

Bag with bird seed to give with bird feeder.

Disclosure: We are not promoting any product. There is no compensation. We are simply showing which products we used.


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